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Black Lives Matter Atlanta Reclaim MLK

On January, 18th at 2pm BlackLivesMatter-ATL will be marching with the families of those lost to police murders in Georgia.  Meet us at the corner of Peachtree & Ellis St. Eastside Of Ellis Street Downtown Atlanta. Please wear Black Lives Matter Gear or All Black,  Please bring drums, flowers for the families, signs and banners.  #ReclaimMLK is the national call to ourselves and power-holders to:-Reclaim the legacy of the movement-Divest from racist systems that harm our people and-Invest in Black communitiesReclaiming the legacy of the movement, is a call for all of us to prioritze the collective good over individual greed and self-interest.  It is a call for us to uphold the blood stained banner of resistance for and in the name of our ancestors and future generations.  It is a call to realign our values to those that reflect what Dr. King called "Beloved Community".  If we are going to transform our communities, we must be willing to be transformed in the service of the work.  We must be willing to meet the political moment with all the courage, patience, and Black love that is needed to change the material conditions of our lives.  We must do that in a way that doesn't leave anyone behind or throw any one under the bus.  We must continue to build a movement that has hands large enough to hold ALL of us! We must divest money from the police, jails, prisons, and institutions that is grinding Black communities to dust.  We know that the killing of Black people by police is a direct result of our communities being over-policed and surveilled. In Atlanta, the home of the civil rights movement, 2000+ police walk the beat daily to target, profile, and criminalize our people. We stand with the families that have lost loved ones because we know that these murders did not happen in isolation.  We know that it isn't about one or a few bad cops.  We know that Black people are systemically devalued, our grief is unheard, and we are starved for real justice.  The City of Atlanta's leadership must stop pouring money into the Atlanta Police Department and Corrections and not allow private businesses to profit off of our suffering.  The families are demanding transparency and accountability from law enforcement and an end to the criminalization and killing of our loved ones.We must invest in Black communities. We know that our communities are made stronger when real resources are invested in our communities and provide the services, jobs, and programs that we so desperately need.  We see how gentrification has pushed many Black people out of our communities, like the West End.  We see small business owners being run over by multi-national corporations, who refuse to pay people a living wage.  We see our people in critical need of services and programs that will address the harm caused by the War On Drugs, instead of ticketing, incarcerating and caging us.  Investing in Black communities is an investment in the self-determination of our communities.  The pre-booking diversion program, is a reflection of what we mean by investing in Black communities.  The pre-booking diversion program, which was fought for and won by the Solutions Not Punishment Coalition (SNAP-CO), made up of trans Black leadership in Atlanta, is a program that will address low-level offenses, not by putting people in jail, but by identifying the needs of people and matching them with the services needed to address crimes of survival that many people are engage in.  We need more community-based solutions to bring to Atlanta's City Council and Mayor in order to see our tax money being spent on building us up rather than caging us and denying our needs.We will see you on the frontlines!Be ready:"It is our duty to fight for our freedom, it is our duty to win.  We must love each other and protect each other.  We have nothing to lose but our chains."For updates please text @Blacklivesmatteratl to the the number 23359

January 18, 2016 at 2pm - 4pm
Black Lives Matter Atlanta
Peachtree & Ellis Street
Eastside Of Ellis st
Atlanta , GA 30303
United States
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