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Free from violence. Free from oppression.  Free to be our full selves.  Free to love. Freedom Now. 

If you've been marching on the streets or been on the sidelines, this is your opportunity to join the movement for justice to make sure today is different than yesterday.   We can create a future where Black children live in peace and possibility, not under a police state.

We will honor those we've lost by fighting for the world we can build together, the world we know is possible, the world we deserve.

What we want:

We want an end to the war against Black People.  After an almost endless barrage of videos depicting the violent deaths of Black people at the hands of law enforcement, America is finally wiling to admit that the condition of siege in Black communities real and unacceptable.

To reverse this we want to see:
Community control of the police
Resources for education, healthcare, and community needs instead of for prisons, jails, and weapons.

What you can do:

This is a moment where all of us, driven by love  united, can make a change that will define this generation.  Image what world we can live in if we follow our dreams instead of fear?  

On Thursday July 21st we're asking you to take action.   Join a march, or rally, stage a walk out or sit in.  Hit the streets and stay engaged. 

  • Find an action near you and join people in your communities demanding justice.
  • If there are no actions near you, don't ask for permission, organize one.  
  • If you need support, have questions, or feedback contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.